Papers & Prints:

We offer a wide range of photographic papers to create the album, printing is done using laser technology to ensure the highest quality and clarity. Supervision is already guaranteed in every phase that leads up to the making of the album. The files are inspected to check the alignment of the pictures, any marks or other errors, while the density and color correction is performed on all orders, unless you have specified otherwise. After printing, each sheet is checked by an operator to ensure that no errors have occurred in calibration or printing. All this care is taken because we know that a job done carefully saves time and ensures faster delivery times.

Below are our available papers, made with the highest quality materials for high definition digital printing:


Classic, the most widely used, characterized by little reflection and great color response. It offers greaterprotection against fingerprints.


Modern and offering a great glossy effect, intense color rendering, and increased sharpness of detail.


At a glance, Silk Matte is a silver halide color photo paper for printing professional photographs. This paper delivers high quality prints on a silk surface. Which gives vibrant color reproduction, pure whites, excellent image stability and traditional finish with slight sheen.


It is a finish that will further protect the pages of the album, increasing the reflection and shine.


Modern, shiny, made intense colors, excellent sharpness of detail. UV protection to browse through the album and protect from fingerprints.


Satin effect from low contrast, for soft prints, bright and clean white.


Matt paper, embossed, satin effect and low contrast;


If you’re not familiar with fine art paper, the first thing you’ll notice is the completely matte finish and the high definition printing. It’s the quality of our printing and paper that is one of the main reasons why so many photographers love our Fine Art Album. We don’t compromise.

The Art White paper comes in two different flavours to suit your requirements. We start with the same high quality paper and then either bond the sheets back to back to create a 400gsm page with a nice flexible feel, or we add an additional archival substrate for a substantial 600gsm thicker finished page.

We’re specialists and it shows on every page

We’ve been mastering our printing techniques, marrying pigment inkjet technology with exquisite fine art paper to create prints that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Leading the way

Inkjet is at the forefront of print innovation and achieves amazing quality, especially in the subtle details of highlights and shadows. We’ve become a benchmark for color accuracy and print quality and are proud to be one of only a few Indian companies working directly with Epson on development.

The exact details of how we bring such incredible sharpness, accuracy and consistency to your prints are secrets we hold close. But it involves high-end printers, archival-quality pigment-based inks, the latest HDR products, a climate-controlled workshop, a fully color managed workflow and fastidious checking.

From screen to print

As screen images are in RGB and printed images are in CMYK, moving from one mode to another involves translation to ensure color accuracy. It’s something we’ve honed over the years, although you can be sure that we’d never color correct your images. We also continually develop our ICC color profiles to achieve the very best image quality and consistency and prevent ink transfer.

All in sync

End-to-end calibration helps to increase color accuracy too, so we recommend calibrating your monitors using an industry standard device such as i1Display or ColorMunki. While we don’t supply downloadable profiles, if your system is fully calibrated you can send us your images as JPGs saved in RGB mode using the color profile sRGB. This helps us to reproduce your colors as precisely as possible.

The fine art of paper selection

The experience of leafing through an album full of cherished images is as much about the feel as it is about the look. So we make sure our albums are as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside.We only use fine art papers and searched far and wide to find the highest quality and broadest variety.

We’ve chosen the best

For each type of album, we’ve already selected the best papers so you can be sure your paper choice is suitable for the product. Our Fine Art Albums, for example, are only available in Aish Albums Enhanced Art White because it’s robustness prevents ink transfer and its white point aids contrast and saturation.

Cover Materials:

To have and to hold The album cover gives the first glimpse of the story that lies within. It sets the scene and remains as a backdrop as the album is held and viewed time and time again.

We choose our beautiful cover materials based on their quality and eco credentials, including vegan-friendly fabrics. We also focus on the variety of colors to provide ranges that span from traditional to on-trend and from demure to bold.

Personalization Methods:

Just for you

Small details mean a lot. So we’ve continued to expand our personalization techniques over the years to give you more flexibility. You can add names, dates, your studio logo, bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials and more.Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as Embossing, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art printing. And if our standard fonts aren’t what you’re looking for, we offer bespoke options.

Personalization packages

To keep things simple for you, we now offer album cover personalization as a package. It gives you a clear pricing structure and enables you to offer as much or as little personalization on the cover as youlike for a set price.

We can add your studio logo to the back cover and you can choose from a selection of options to personalize your cover:

Front Cover:-

  1. One or two lines of text in one of our standard fonts.
  2. Text using a bespoke font supplied as a graphic.
  3. A bespoke client logo.

Back Cover

  1. A bespoke client logo

Certain methods work best on different cover materials, but we can guide you through to make sure you get the best finish.

Make it your own

Below are the options we offer for personalizing album covers and our other products. If you’d like something very bespoke, just let us know – we’re always happy to help.

Laser Engraving:

To engrave your text or logo, our highly accurate laser removes the material’s toplayer to reveal its natural hues beneath.
Cover printing The latest personalization technique, but it can achieve either a modern or classic look.We can print directly onto most of our materials in either black or white ink.
Embossing: Printing of the text by customizing the font and color of your choice, with the option to enrich the results with raised varnishing or Color overlay printing.

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